A Legendary NYC Dance Party Continues…

The Freedom Party’s mission is to give people a legendary NYC party that provides the best dance floor experience playing music across many different musical genres, in an environment free of pretension and nightlife bureaucracies.

When Freedom Party founders Herbert, Marc Smooth and Cosi reminisce about going out during the city’s golden era of nightlife, they remember those temples of worship where people from different walks of life came together to be free and rejoice to the music.

“As a collective, we missed the days when going to a party didn’t depend on who you know to get in, or how much money you had. The best place to be was on the dance floor, not in VIP,” said founding partner DJ Marc Smooth.

Herbert adds: “We decided at that moment that it was time for us to step up and make history. We wanted to provide a fond memory that people could look back on, and give people a place where they could feel FREE! Free to let loose and have fun without pretense. It was our turn to create an event that gave people what those legendary parties gave us. Over the past five years, that is what the Freedom Party has become.”